Hot water HDS 5/13 U is a high-performance, robust upright machine, which offers outstanding manoeuvrability, easy transport and intuitive operation. Ideal for use in engine room, where can be moved easily from deck to deck.

Features and benefits

Innovative upright design
  • Negotiate uneven surfaces and stairs effortlessly.
  • Large wheels for unsurfaced terrain.
Water fine filter
  • Effectively protects the high-pressure pump from contamination.
  • Easily removable from the outside of the unit.
Compact construction style
  • Space-saving storage and transportation.
  • Leak-proof pump and fuel tank for horizontal transport and storage.
Integrated hose reel
  • Convenient, safe storage of the high-pressure hose.
  • Provides for ergonomic operation.
  • Shorter work times.


Technical data

Operating pressure max (bar)125
Flow rate (l/h) 450
Max. temperature (°C)80
Power rating (kW)2.5
Voltage (V)220
Number of current phases (Ph)1
Frequency (Hz)60
Weight (kg)72
Dimensions (LxWxH) (mm)620x620x990
Fuel tank (l)6.5
Heating oil consumption full load (Kg/h)2.7


Operating manual
Safety instructions
Service Manual
Service Handbook


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