Kärcher Marine is delighted to announce IMPA Membership. We assure all our customers and partners our fully compliance with IMPA's Code of Practice and Values.

Code of Practice

  • We act with integrity and do nothing that could discredit or be construed to discredit the marine purchasing profession.
  • We do not give, or cause to be given, false or  misleading information.
  • We maintain the confidentiality of information acquired during the course of business.
  • No member shall seek to use his position for the sake of personal gain.
  • We strive to conduct our business in a manner that reflects the Associations ideals of professionalism and co-operation.
  • In all relevant discussions, we declare any interest that we or our company may have in the matter under review.
  • We seek to undertake good practice in prompt payment; agreeing terms of invoice in advance and ensuring prompt payment in agreement with these terms.


  • Competence - We continuously develop our competencies, sharing knowledge and experience.
  • Respect - We act with respect towards the ideas of others and listen to opinions.We respect the need for balance and provide room for diversity.
  • Entrepreneurship - We are innovative and creative. We face challenges by seeing opportunities. We face and solve conflicts together.
  • Accountability - We are reliable, responsible and honest in our actions. We keep our promises.
  • Team spirit - We are all representatives of IMPA. We depend on each other and we lead by example.
  • Enthusiasm - We take pride in what we do and we share our enthusiasm. We are dynamic in our attitude.