Marine operation and eco-system

Nowadays global marine environment is increasingly competitive and demanding. A management company should strive to maximize the usage of a vessel, whilst eliminating the financial losses due to vessel off-hire and extended dry dock times.

For example, a bulk carrier is required to transfer a variety of different types of cargos, from dirty ones to clean ones; a vessel is required to transfer petkoke and then shift to loading grain, with minimum available cleaning intervals, between unloading port and next loading port.

Also for both bulk carriers and tankers, due to the corrosive marine environment, corrosion and rust cumulates on vessels hull, and especially on main deck and ballast tanks. Both cases may lead to reduced operational time for the vessel and resulting profit losses.

Provided services include:

  • Equipment Training and Support
  • Annual Service Contracts
  • Online/Realtime Access to Equipment's Full Historical Data through our Website
  • Maintenance Instructions
  • Spare Parts List/Drawings
  • Remote Troubleshooting (Diagnostics and Instructions)
  • Detailed step-by-step Repair Instructions
  • Cleaning Equipment Replacement (in the case of downtime)
  • On-board Service engineer attedance
  • Recontitioned machines
  • Rental

With the aforementioned services, KÄRCHER MARINE, guarantees that at any given time, the necessary cleaning equipment will be available and ready to be operated by the crew and meet all the requirements.

Immediate results are:

  • Smooth and continuous operation of the vessel
  • Maximum vessel usage
  • Reduced dry dock times
  • Compliance with IMO and Port Authority regulations
  • Compliance with charterers', cargo owners',  oil majors' requirements
  • Maximum machine availability & reliability
  • Full cost control over the entire contract term
  • Up to 5 years warranty on machines

Kärcher Marine Annual Service Contracts:


Karcher Marine Maintain

Taking into account Kärcher Maintain and the special needs of Marine Industry, Kärcher Marine service packages are formed, tailored and fully focused on the specific requirements of Ship-owners, Operators and Management companies. The range of services includes inspection, timely maintenance and flat rate full service. In addition to service packages, there are supplementary services such as accessories and consumables.

  • Kärcher Marine Full Service Contract
  • Kärcher Marine Maintain Service Contract
  • Kärcher Marine Inspect Service Contract
  • Kärcher Marine On-Exchange Base Service Contract (R.IN.)
  • Kärcher Marine On-Exchange Base Service Contract (R.EX.)
  • Optional extensions of Service packages for consumables



  • Functionality Guarrantee
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Inspection
  • Immediate Replacement (Repair Included)
  • Immediate Replacement (Repair Excluded)
  • Consumables Replacement