HD 18/50-4 Cage is a very durable, marine type Hydro blasting machine, with a high-performance crank-shaft pump, ceramic pistons and heavy duty high pressure hose of 640bars working pressure and 2,480 bars burst pressure.

Suitable for a wide variety of applications, extremely mobile and compact, guarantees optimum cleaning results: The HD 18/50-4 Cage Classic expands our UHP compact class to include cleaning performance of up to 30 kW, making it the most powerful ultra high-pressure cleaner with the mobile "cage" design. A working pressure of 500 bar and water flow rate of 30 l/min guarantee fast results even on the most stubborn dirt. A rotary switch with intuitive control and the conscious decision to largely eliminate electronic components mean that the device is very easy to use. Ergonomic details, the machine's low weight, its four large wheels and crane hook simplify handling and transporting the unit, even over rough terrain. Where necessary, the HD 18/50-4 Cage Classic can also be transported using a forklift truck, thereby demonstrating maximum flexibility for both transporting and working with the machine.

Power Rotary Jet is made of ceramic materials, which ensures high performance and durability.

Furthermore, available Wet Abrasive Material Kit provides Sa 2 surface, according to Swedish Surface Preparation Standards. All oil, grease, dirt, rust scale and foreign matter are completely removed from the surface and all rust, mill scale and old paint are completely removed by abrasive blasting except for slight shadows, streaks or discolorations caused by rust stain, mill scale oxides or slight, tight resides of paint or coating that remain. Last but not least, excellent adhesion conditions between surface and coating are achieved without any use of power tooling and hundreds of hours of time and labor are saved. Such necessary roughness can be achieved only with the use of Wet Abrasive Material.