HD 6/15 C is the reliable all-purpose machine in the compact class, light-weight with compact dimensions. Available pressure regulator enables machine to be used in a wide range of demanding cleaning tasks. A perfect solutions for light general cleaning tasks all over the vessel. Easy operation and storage.

Features and benefits

Easy Press spray gun
  • Ergonomic design for convenient operation.
  • Reduced exhaust and retention force for effortless
  • With soft grip surface for a secure grip.

Extendable push handle
  • Large aluminium profiles provide stability and excellent
    turning manoeuvre.
  • Acts as an accessory holder when extended.
  • When retracted, it takes up little space and is easy to transport
    in a service vehicle/estate car, for example.
Outstanding mobility
  • For fast cleaning at different locations of use.
  • Space-saving storage in service vehicles.
  • Low work times thanks to integrated storage possibilities.
Automatic pressure cut-off
  • For reduced energy and water consumption
  • Switches off immediately when work is interrupted.



Technical data

Operating pressure max (bar)140
Flow rate max (l/h) 570
Flow rate min (l/h) 230
Max. water feed temperature (°C) 60
Power rating (kW)3,2
Voltage (V)220
Number of current phases (Ph)1
Frequency (Hz)60
Weight (kg)23
Dimensions (LxWxH) (mm)360x375x925


Operating manual
Safety instructions
Service Handbook


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