EASY!Force : So you have the high-pressure never under control.

Experience the new dimension of ergonomics in the high-pressure cleaning: With the new EASY!Force HD gun, you need zero retention force. Much more relaxed and effortless cleaning is here.

A question of ergonomics.

Working with high-pressure cleaners is physically very stressful. The most important is the ergonomics. Maintaining the trigger lever of conventional HD pistols will result in fatigue symptoms, pain in the hand area, and cramped work after a short period of time. More extensive cleaning work can be carried out without frequent breaks or even changes of the user. Our EASY!Force technology changes now once and for all. No more holding force. You have never cleaned so easily with high pressure.

Full ceramic valve for full life

If high-pressure guns fail, it is mainly because of defective, partially-damaged valves. This is also the end of our EASY! Force pistol: your valve consists of a ceramic ball with a ceramic seal seat and thus repels any potentially damaging particles. And this gives you a 5-fold service life compared to conventional pistol pistols.

They work intuitively securely

The trigger safety of the new EASY!Force gun prevents unintentional triggering and gives you maximum safety during application, without loss of operating comfort. You must press the trigger only once to trigger the high-pressure. The EASY! Force gun remains open as long as you hold the trigger. When you release the trigger, the pistol switches off immediately.





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Comfortable in any situation

Do not worry about work efficiency - we do it for you. Our EASY! Force HD pistol gives you an optimum of ergonomics in the usual working positions. If the situation requires, especially when working overhead or changing working angles, you can use an additional handle.

With one handle everything is easier.

The optionally available handle can be installed on the spray tube of our new EASY! Lock generation and then have all the possibilities to optimally adjust your body position to the respective task. Through the regular changing of body posture, you also generally relieve your movement apparatus and work more relaxed.

The area for the auxiliary handle is located on the jet pipe. Within this range, you can move the handle according to your body size and the ideal working angle for you. This can be done easily and quickly with the simple adjusting screw. The ergonomic shape of the handle offers you two additional gripping areas, whether you are left or right handed. Thanks to the 360 ​​° rotatable jet tubes, you can simply turn the auxiliary handle around the axis during operation, and thus even more flexibly.

EASY!Lock: Connect the handset.

With our patented EASY!Lock quick-release buckles, you can gear up or down. Incredible 5 times faster compared to conventional screw connections. And our EASY!Lock quick-release fastener is just as durable and robust. At least.

Faster ready - quicker finished

So far, you have spent a lot of time upgrading your high-pressure cleaner. On the one hand, to connect or disconnect different interfaces. And then the same game when changing accessories. Forget it. Our EASY!Lock system combines the advantages of a quick coupling with those of a screw connection. And you gain time - about 80%. Time you need for real work. Or for other important things.

One-time fast, safe and robust

Nothing is as secure, reliable and durable as a threaded fitting. Nothing is as time-saving as a quick-release closure. But one thing is as good as both together: Our EASY!Lock is as strong as a conventional threaded screw and as flexible as a quick-release fastener. The inhibition of the thread is produced by means of a cone. Turn around - once 360 ​​° - connect all accessories from the high-pressure cleaner to the nozzle by means of a multi-threaded thread with an insertion aid. Fast and safe. Over and over again.

Progress is so easy

With our EASY!Lock system innovation does not matter, because it weighs no more than conventional quick-release fasteners. A small improvement with a great effect for you is the nozzle-side seal on the jet pipe. This is now not located axially on the front but axially directly in front of the retaining thread. This makes the seal significantly more durable and captive.


Everything is easy.

Our EASY!Lock system is the beginning of better cleaning, not the end of your existing accessories. We have developed special adapters so that you can use accessories with EASY! Lock connection without any restrictions with existing devices and accessories with metric threads (M22 × 1.5). And we have made it easy and safe to choose the right adapter with the right connections. Each adapter is equipped with a 2-colored plastic jacket and an embossed numbering. The connection in anthracite is the new EASY!Lock connection, the connection in black for the conventional metric thread.

This is how perfect connections look.

In order to cover the different interfaces from the high-pressure cleaner to the nozzle as well as the forward and backward compatibility, a total of 8 different adapters are available. This ensures that you can continue to operate any device or accessory with the new devices and accessories with EASY!Lock connectors.

With our adapter finder, you will find all adapters with their respective application listed. For example, you can convert any high-pressure cleaner with M22 × 1.5 connector to the new EASY!Lock system.

EASY!Star: To the light years ahead!

Our new EASY!Star special models are like the other star. Incredibly powerful, fascinating comfort. Now available with EASY!Force and EASY!Lock.